Ellite Package ₹ 2,450 per/sq.ft
Design & Drawing
  • Premium 2D and 3D Floor Plans & Ellite 3D Elevation Design of all views.
    Note : This Floor plan is just for reference only, Floor plan for each project will be designed as per the client’s requirements.
  • GFC Drawings, Soil Test Report, Design Analysis report will be provided
  • Interior Design : 2D Furniture Layout provided.
  • 3D elevation view will be provided.
    Note : This elevation image is just for reference only, Elevation for each project will be designed as per client’s taste and requirement.
  • Architectural Design :
    All necessary Working Drawings, Detailed Landscaping, Detailed portfolio post handover.
  • Structural Drawings:
    Detailed Plinth Beam layouts, Slab shuttering and reinforcements, Columns, Footings and Centre line Drawings, and working drawings will be provided.
  • MEP Design – Electrical, Plumbing Water line & Drainage line layouts, Detailed HVAC layout
  • 3D design- internal Isometric views of all areas & detailed renders to understand design better, Hands on Isometric 3D model of the home, 3D walkthrough of the home
Structure & Civil
:: Steel ::
  • ISI standard FE-550D TMT Steel will be used.
  • Indus/SK TMT or equivalent brands will be used.
:: Cement ::
  • ISI Standard 53 and 43 Grade cement will be used.
  • 53 Grade will be used for Masonry and 43 Grade will be used for Plastering.
  • Ultratech/ Zuari/ Birla Super or equivalent Brands will be used.
:: Sand ::
  • M-Sand will used for Masonry and Plastering M-Sand will be used for Plastering.
  • Basic Rate of M sand (Doubled Washed)
  • Basic Rate of P sand (Triple Washed)
:: Blocks/Bricks ::
  • Solid 8 inch, 6-inch and 4-inch concrete blocks will be used, 8 inch and 6-inch blocks for External walls and 4-inch blocks for internal walls/9 inch and 4-inch Red bricks will be used, 9 inch bricks for External walls and 4-inch bricks for internal walls.
Concrete : M25 Ready Mix Concrete will used.
Aggregates : 20mm/40mm Crused Stones will be used.
Waterproofing : Dr.Fixit Water proofing solution will be used.
Roof : Floor to Floor height - 11" Feet will be constructed.
Internal, external and toilet wall : column joints plastering with chicken mesh.
Water Proofing : Dr.Fixit Water proofing solution will be used.
Plinth : Height From Road Level Upto 2 Feet will be constructed.
Walls : Internal, External & Toilets Walls - Column Joints Plastering with Chicken Mesh
Chamber Cover : Cement Cover will be Given.
UG Sump : 6 inch Blockwork/9 inch brick work of 12000 litres capacity- Rs 10/litre
Internal courtyards, skylights other designer architectural elements are included.
Ledge wall for incorporating concealed saniteary parts is included.
Steel / Concrete Lofts : Included
Kitchen & Fixtures
:: Kitchen Granite Platform ::
  • Cost of the Granite platform will be upto Rs.150/sqft.
  • Thickness of the Granite will be 40mm.
:: Ceramic Wall Tiles ::
  • Ceramic Wall tiles worth upto Rs.70/sqft will be provided.
  • Height of the Wall tiles will be up to 5 feet above the Granite platform.
:: Other ::
  • CP & Sanitary fixture : Jaguar/Hindware - Rs.60000/- per bathroom(for 1000sft 2 bathrooms shall be considered)
  • CP & sanitary fixtures such as wash basin, WC, Taps & other accessories like bottle trap, gratings etc.:
  • Electrical fixtures - Not Included
:: Kitchen Sink, Faucets and Accessories ::
  • SS/ Granite/ Carysil - Rs.10,000/- per sink will be provided.
  • Sink Faucet and Accessories worth upto Rs.6,000 will be provided.
Doors & Windows
:: Main Door and Frame ::
  • The main door and Frame will be made of Gana Teak (5"X3")
  • Polished with melamine by hand
  • Bathroom Door - Frame and Shutter including hardware
  • Door designs will be as per company standards.
:: Pooja Door and Frame ::
  • The pooja door and Frame will be made of Gana Teak (5"X3").
  • Door designs will be as per company standards.
:: Windows ::
  • Upvc windows - 5mm Clear glass & MS grills will be provided.
  • Wooden windows- Sal wood Frame (5”x3”) & Shutter (1.5” thickness) with clear glass and grill rods
  • Percentage of openings for windows- 22% Maximum.
  • Maximum Opening Percentage For Windows Will Be 22 %, Height and Width of the Windows and Grill design will be as per company standards.
:: Internal Doors and Frames ::
  • Red Sal wood frame will be provided for Internal Door Frames (5"X4") and Shutter Including Hardware and Painted (Only).
  • Bathroom Doors weatherproof flush doors- Rs 11,000/- per door.
  • Door designs will be as per company standards.
:: Note ::
  • All Internal Doors Shutter: Flush Door Pre Laminated.
  • Main Doors : Hand Polish Will be made
  • Door Hardware : Ozone / Europa / Dorma company standards make.
  • Doors Hinges: SS Hinges Will Be Provided
  • Door & Door Frame Cost: Inclusive Of Planing, Rebate, Transportation, etc..
:: Interior Wall Ceiling Painting ::
  • JK/Asian Band Provided in this package.
  • 2-Coat Wall Putty will be done.
  • Plus 1-Coat Primer will be done.
  • Plus 2-Coat Asian Paints Royal Premium Emulsion will be done.
Metal and Wood Painting : Metal and Wood Painting : 2-coats of Asianpaints Enamel painting will be done for Window grills, SS Staircase railings, MS Main Gate.
:: External Painting ::
  • External walls : 1 coat of Exterior primer+ 2 Coats of Asian Paints +Ace weatherproof paint will be provided
Brands : Asian Brands will be provided in this package.
Flooring & Wall Tiling
  • Living, Kitchen, Dining & Bedrooms : Granite/Marble/Vitrified tiles worth up to Rs.180/sqft will be provided.
  • Living Room, Dining- Italian Marble : Rs.180/sqft
  • Balcony, Parking & Sitout : Anti Skid Tiles of value upto Rs.75/sft will be provided.
  • Bathroom Dadoing (Full Height 10') : Light & Highlighting Tiles - Rs.85/- per Sqft will be provided.
  • Bathroom Flooring : Anti-skid tiles worth upto 85/sqft will be provided
  • Kitchen Wall Dadoing (Upto 2 Feet Above Counter) : Backsplash tiles worth up to Rs.85/sqft will be provided.
  • Staircase Tiles: Rs. 150/sqft.
  • Parking Area: Parking tiles/Designer pavers - Rs.65/- per Sqft
  • Kitchen Counter Top : Rs.250/sqft will be provided.
  • Pooja Wall Tiles : Ceramic (upto 7 feet height) worth upto Rs.65/sqft will be provided.
  • Wires : Finolex/Polycab Will Be Provided.
  • Switches and Boards : Anchor Penta Brand Switches and Panels will be provided with Steel Box.
  • Geyser points : All Bathrooms Provided.
  • DB's & MCB's IndoAsian/Siemens Make are included.
  • 1 UPS Point Of Each Unit at Nearest Point & Electrical Car & Bike Charging Point Will Be Given in Parking.
:: Note ::
  • Basic Rates Of Switches : Rs. 40/- Per Piece will be cost.
  • Light & Power Points : As Per Electrical Design.
  • Geyser points : All bathrooms
  • AC Provision : Any 2 Room Per Floor Provided.
  • Conduits : Good Quality & Hidden in Slabs & Walls.
  • Switches & Plates Anchor-Roma Will be Provided.
  • Electric Car Charging Point In Parking Area will be provided.
Plumbling & Water Tanks
  • Water Supply System : Both Internal & External Provided.
  • Class-B CPVC Pipes - Ashirwad / Astral Pipes Provided.
  • Solar & Greyser Connection Lines Will Be Provided.
  • Rain Water Harvesting Facilities - Ground water Recharge Will Be Installed.
  • Connection for water inlet from corporation
  • External sewage system – Inspection chambers & sewage outlet to Manhole.
:: Overhead Tank ::
  • ISI standard Doubled-layered Water Tank will be provided.
  • Water tank capacity starts from 2000 liters - Rs.8/litre.
  • The capacity depends on the total built-up area.
  • Brands : : Ganga & Kaveri
:: Underground Sump/Tank ::
  • Underground Sump will be of 6” Solid concrete blocks with Retaining wall with reinforcement with waterproof plastering
  • Sump tank capacity starts from 8000 liters and the capacity depends on the total built-up area.
Gates & Rails
:: Staircase and Balcony Railings ::
  • MS Railings with Standard designs will be provided, balcony railings :ss 201
  • Designs will be as per company standards.
:: Add-ons ::
  • Anti-Termite treatment – Anti-Termite treatment will be done.
  • Inverter provision – Inverter provision will be provided.
:: Parapet wall ::
  • Standard Parapet wall of height 3 feet will be provided.
  • 4-inch Solid concrete blocks & both side plastering and painting will be done.
:: Notes ::
  • Main Gate : Designer Gate and shera boards - Rs.550/- sqft.
  • External Staircase & Balcony railing: Ms railings- Rs 180/- Per sqft
  • Utility Grill : Ground Floor only.
  • Basic Rate of Fabrication Steel : Rs.100/-Per KG .
Exclusions From The Packages
:: Interiors ::
  • Interiors are not included in the package.
:: Foundation ::
  • Charged additionally for depth of the foundation is more than 5 feet.
  • Extra Reinforcement-if required.
  • SSM Below Plinth Beam-other than given standard design.
  • Lift concrete wall.
  • Double mat and strap beam if required.
  • Footings and column provision for additional floor.
  • Additional charges will Apply if soil bearing capacity (SBC) is lesser than 180 Kn/m2.
  • Extra sump Depth -10Rs/Litre.
:: Parking ::
  • Only 60% Of Parking is billed if built up area is >3000 Sqft
:: Elevation ::
  • For Stone cladding, Fundermax, premium landscape & planter boxes, rpyale paint, glass railing, sandstone or similar cladding, CNC cut frames etc. or any similar features It is Charged as per the design and materials required at market rates.
:: Temporary Power ::
  • The client must provide Temporary power for the construction.
  • Temporary power renewal should be done by Client every month until the Construction of project is completed.
:: Government approvals ::
  • Getting Approvals from the Government is excluded from the package.
  • Client must get all the Government approvals for the project.
  • The complete fee payment for plan sanction in Panchayat limits need to be borne by client.
  • Licensing and Liasoning
:: % Of Opening Doors and Windows ::
  • 22 % Builtup area maximum.
:: Others ::
  • One point of Electricity & water needs to be provided by the client free of cost to facilitate construction.
  • Only 2 No's Of Bathroom Will Be Provided Each 1,000 Sqfeet Of Construction.
  • Additional Charges Will Be Applicable If SBC < 180/- .
  • Only 2 No's Of Bathroom Will Be Provided Each 1,000 Sqfeet Of Construction.
  • Additional Charges Will Be Applicable If SBC < 180/-
:: Electrical/BESCOM ::
  • Electrical Meters and Meter Box are not included in the package.
  • BESCOM charges are NOT included in the package.
  • Electrical Fixing : Pan, Tubelights, Common area Lights, Parking Area Lights & Exterior LED Lights-will be an extra.
:: Road cutting ::
  • Road cutting chares for BESCOM and BWSSB are NOT included in the package.
  • Outside Ramping.
  • Any Civil Work Outside House Area.
:: Breaking/drilling Rock ::
  • Rock breaking or drilling expenses will be borne by Client.
  • Standard Compound wall of height 4 feet will be provided.
  • 4-inch Solid concrete blocks & both side plastering and painting will be done.
  • Excavation, Foundation, PCC, Size Stone Masonry With DPC Course above SSM.
  • Height of compound wall above DPC course- 5 feet
:: Excavation ::
  • Excavation will be charged extra when encountered with water/loose soil/stone.
  • Buying new earth/sending existing earth for excavation/backfilling purpose shall be charged on actual.
  • Assuming the site & road level to be equal, if the ground level needs to be raised above 18”, it shall be charged for accordingly
:: Demolition (if any) ::
  • For existing building, we need to access and conclude excavation charges based on site challenges.
:: Ramp ::
  • Charged additionally as per requirement.
:: Front Drain Work ::
  • If any sanitary chamber need to provide, sanitary pit will be charged extra and sanitary connection outside the site boundary will be additional
:: Elevation ::
  • This proposal includes basic elevation design for your home
  • A 3D elevation is presented for client to choose from & design
  • Elevation Budget - Rs 55/- per sqft of floor area
  • Texture painting, tile cladding, shera cladding or any similar features can be chosen
:: Others ::
  • Only 2 No's Of Bathroom Will Be Provided Each 1,000 Sqfeet Of Construction.
  • Additional Charges Will Be Applicable If SBC < 180/- .
  • Only 2 No's Of Bathroom Will Be Provided Each 1,000 Sqfeet Of Construction.
₹ 2,450 per/sqft
Measurement Made as Per Roof to Roof.
Note : Standard height of the Headroom is 8-foot and the Tank room is 6-foot.
The total duration of the record for completion of the project will be 8 months from the date of commencement.
  • Construction Maintenance warantee – 1 Year ; Waterproofing warranty – 5 Years, structural warranty – 50 Years
  • Warranty starts from the date of Handing over the Project to the Client.
  • Warranty for all the Products can be availed directly from the manufacturer of the product.
  • We will be providing all the required Bills of products to the client to claim warranty.
  • Civil Engineer will be assigned for the project for inspection and monitoring the quality of work and progress.
  • Sheds would be constructed at site premises for material storage and Watchman/Labor.
  • Soil Testing would be done by us before starting the construction.
  • All the Brand’s logos and Some product’s images are mentioned just for understanding/reference purpose only. Actual product may look different from the images mentioned in this package.
  • Floor plans and 3D elevations mentioned in this document is just for reference purpose only, the designs will change as per Site dimensions, Client’s requirements etc.
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